We post stories about the the Great 3.11 Disaster that occurred in Northern Japan in 2011.

Over speed is the cause of the Glacier Express train accident of July 23rd 2010

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The Swiss mountain train accident occured between Fiesch and Lax, in the Swiss Canton of Valais. “One Japanese tourist (64) was killed and 42 other passengers were injured”, the Chief of Valais Police spokesman said. Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn (MGB) supports the driver, he will continue “another kind of job” withing the company “but not in the service of the trains circulations”.

The final report by the Swiss Federal Office for Public Transport has showed that the accident that leaned 3 wagons was caused by an “over speed”.

The final report released on January 20, 2011 has approved that the driver was driving at 56km/h, in a curve he was supposed to take at 35km/h. “The train has not derailed, however under the centrifuge effect, the train has leaned on its side.

The Federal train accidents experts have been studying the geology of the ground, the influence of the meteo, the tracks, the possible deformation of the tracks, the driving materials, the possibilities to maintain the time table by respecting the speed limits.

The final report also showed that the MGB has not requested the driver to drive faster in order to maintain the time table.

MGB has made several offers to the driver to work in another sector. The driver has so far accepted the offer. Independently from the verdict which will be made public in the framework of his prosecution in course which is under the supervision of the office of justice of the Canton of Valais.

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July 13, 2011 at 10:29

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