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Matsumura-san Car Accident Two Weeks Ago: Bumped Cow at Night Inside Red Zone

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Tokyo – February 9, 2012

Mr. Matsumura had a car accident with his white Suzuki pick up truck about two weeks ago. He is too Japanese and shy to have mentioned it earlier. A source informed me. I called to confirm:

It was at night (complete darkness), inside the red zone, “about two weeks ago”, Matsumura was not driving fast, however he bumped into a cow on the road. The cost for the car reparation amounted 230’000 Yen(23万円)($3000). The cow was fine.

So, I asked him if he was in financial difficulties, he said yes is a small voice. I said donors can help him with the train fee for Shinkansen Tomioka-Tokyo, Tokyo-Tomioka, on the day of the conference. He answered: “No, it is okay, it will be too complicated” (いいよ、面倒だから)

I thought it is a typical Japanese answer that truly means “Yes, it would help me”, but he says the exact contrary. So I said “donors can help him with the train”.

Nathalie and Kyoko

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February 9, 2012 at 17:07

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