We post stories about the the Great 3.11 Disaster that occurred in Northern Japan in 2011.

Tokyo, April 19th: A Day in a Journalist’s Life

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This is a day in a (foreign) journalist’s life in Tokyo:

It started with a harsh morning out of bed. No coffee, no toast because you overslept. Drive to the press club, where Michael Woodford, the ex-Olympus president and executive was scheduled to “perform” a press conference. Under the spot lights, smiles, it’s the photo session…


Quickly, get the best seats. The questions are prepared or “performed” on the spot. Listen carefully and try to ask a useful question…


You go out, and in and out, you fact-check some small details, make a couple of mysterious phone calls, disappear and reappear at the club. The cubicles are empty, everyone has left. The “show” is over, but it must go on for you and your editor overseas…


This is your life: write until the last paragraph. Everyone has left? Doesn’t matter, “write it better.” Alone with your thoughts. What a job… But how fascinating to observe the result of such a day in one’s life.

What did the subject say today? He said: “We have seen a kabuki play over the last months.”  (About the Olympus Scandal). And he explained why. Please read the rest on another website.

Written by Nathalie Stucky

April 19, 2012 at 21:06

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