We post stories about the the Great 3.11 Disaster that occurred in Northern Japan in 2011.

Death of the Fukushima Baby-Cow

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Tokyo, Friday , April  27, 2012

News from Tomioka-city, in the Fukushima Forbidden Zone.

The little cow, which was born inside the 20 km Forbidden Zone last week, finally died three days after its birth, despite the fact that Naoto Matsumura had deployed many efforts to bring it to the neighboring city’s animal hospital, in Miharu-town.

“The mother-cow is fine, she was weak, but she managed to survive inside the newly built fence with the other cows,” Matsumura, who had been waken up from a deep sleep around 9 PM today said over the telephone.

Matsumura was mourning the little cow, but he said he had a good news for next week: “more than 10 people” from all over Japan will be able to come along inside the 20 km No-Go Zone in order to help clear up the debris. They will be staying in hotels or minshuku around the 20km zone and go inside every day to do some “handy work.”

More details on “Asa Tele” (Asahi Televion) available on Saturday.


Written by Nathalie Stucky

April 28, 2012 at 01:10

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